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7 signs

you’re heading for a toxic

relationship with an appliance

There’s a significant long-term commitment up front

If you have to make a significant payment up-front, or sign a fixed term contract for a long time, it might be a sign that you’re entering into a potentially toxic relationship with an appliance. Rental companies like to lock you into long-term deals to make you feel like there is no escape, so be careful before agreeing to anything. If you feel unsure, call YFS on 3826 1500 for free advice.


They’ll cost you more in the long-run

Renting an appliance may let you have it now, but it can end up costing you many times more than if you bought it by another method! For example, paying $10/week for a phone for 24 months can end up costing you $1005! Contact YFS for different ways to get the things you need without getting ripped off.


It seems too good to be true

If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Rental deals are sometimes advertised as ‘rent to own’ or ‘rent to buy’ products, but this can be misleading. Some deals might let you buy the product at the end of the term for a small amount, but this is often after you might have already paid more than three times the up-front cost of the item, and after it is already old and out of date.


They control you

Will paying the rent on your appliances stop you from doing the things you want to do? Can’t afford to take the kids to the movies, or pay for fuel? The financial stress of renting appliances might be limiting your life more than you realise.


You can’t see a future together

Can you see your desire to own a product, or even the product itself, lasting for the length of the contract? If not, you may end up paying for an old phone or laptop long after you stop using it, and it is a strong sign that you should keep searching to find the right deal for you.


You can’t afford it

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Paying weekly rental on appliances can often be overlooked as a major strain on your budget. Don’t get trapped in dodgy rental deals.


There are better alternatives available

Finding alternatives to renting appliances can seem impossible sometimes. Let YFS help
find a method right for you, so that you can get the things you need without the stress of paying weekly rent for them.



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